woensdag, oktober 31, 2007

Finally revealing...

... the layout I made for Hot Mama Fauve:

I can also show you the card I made for Heleen:

I used the same sketch on both... :)

I also did a twin cardswap with Ingrid. She made me this lovely card:

And with the same products, I had to make a card for Ingrid... this is the result:

Okay, I'm off to go messing out my scrapcorner now... I can't go to work this week, because I have a polyp on my vocal cords and now I need to keep my mouth shut (yes, totally shut!) for 72 hours... OMG, how will I get through this??? Well... just do a lot of scrappin' I guess. ;)


vrijdag, oktober 26, 2007

A card, a sneak and a layout

I'm doing a card-twinswap at the Dolls Messageboard. I had to make a card for Heleen and she has to make a card for me with the same stuff that I used on her card... First I made this Hello-card, but I didn't use it for the swap, because I'm not sure if Heleen has a Glitter Glamour (bling)tool... so I keep it for another occasion...

Here's a sneak of the card that I made for the swap (for Heleen):

And finally I can show you the last layout of my scrapweekend at Boukje's house... It's all about Julian's delicious smelly feet! ;) I love to sniff on his toes... hehe, sometimes I'm a weirdo!

Tomorrow we (my sister, her husband, Otto and me) are going to surprise my mom, because she turned 65 yesterday! She doesn't have any clue of where we are taking her... but It's going to be awesome! ;)

Ok, off to bed now... I have no voice at the moment, so I need to keep my mouth shut the whole day... and that is soooooooooooooo hard for me! :S So I need to avoid the people around me... otherwise I'll never get my voice back...

Have a great weekend!

vrijdag, oktober 19, 2007

Today I made a layout for Fauve. We are doing a photoswap, but I will not show my layout until Fauve is ready... so I leave you with a sneak! :)

I also made a card for a challenge on Nancy's blog. My mother is turning 65 next week and this card is for her. Hope she likes it... ;)

Last week Otto and I pimped our living room. We painted the walls (white) and I stripped our dinnertable (peel off the upper layer). We also have more of Otto's paintings in our livingroom now. We are very happy with the result. I'm very curious to hear what you think of it... :)

We also made our own clock: totally white! Don't you just love it?

maandag, oktober 15, 2007


... did some scrappin' again! I've spent my weekend at Boukje for a scrapping marathon! And I loves it!!! Made 6(!!) layouts in 24 hours! Here are the first five. The sixth will be published later this week... hehe. I have to make a picture first.
Well, now I'm off to pimp our living room! Have a great week!!!