zondag, augustus 24, 2008

Thank you...

... for being so patient with me! I know it's been a while since I last updated my blog. So sorry for that. Guess I have a lot to explain.

Well... here it goes: First of all: I'm doing fine right now. But my life is a rollercoaster at the moment. Scrapping is not on my mind right now, but I sincerely hope that I will be 'back in business' within a few weeks/months.

About 5 months ago I've made a huge decision for the rest of my life. I left my boyfriend, the father of my child... A difficult decision, but also a good one. The last few months I haven't had a place of my own... I lived at several places. Not an ideal situation. But I took control over my life and I bought a house!!! Isn't that awesome? I just did it! Girlpower, whoohoo! This friday (29th of August) I will get the keys of my own place... I really can't wait! It's a nice place with enough space for me, Julian ánd a real scrapstudio (a small one, but hey: it's a scrapstudio...).

As soon as I'm moved, I will take some pictures to share my place with you all... I promise. Until then, you have to do it with this tiny update. But I'll be back!

Julian is doing fine by the way. It was (and sometimes it still is) a confusing situation for him as well, but he seems to handle it very well... That is our main concern at the moment.

Well... now you all know why I was such a bad blogger. Hope you all do well. Thanks for all the sweet comments and for your concern. It makes me feel good to know that you care!