dinsdag, januari 30, 2007

Happy Birthday...

... Nicole!!!

(too bad the photo's were taken yesterday evening... no good light, hope you like it anyway!)

7 opmerkingen:

Nicole zei

Ooh Charlotte I like it, because you're the first one who makes me the queen for today...41 years I share my birthday with queen Beatrix.... Thank you!!!

gr Nicole

Daffie Online zei

Lucky for you that you don't share the age of Beatrix Nicole ;)

Love your card Charlotte; clean and simple! Less is more in this case!

Angelique zei

Hahaha ! Funny card and so like the queen !

Mandy zei

That's a great idea!!! I think we should have Nicole for Dutch queen actually.... than we can have our dt-lunches in the royal palace ;-)

Mirjam zei

Great cards, love the tittle!

*Fauve* zei

Cute,love the little crown!

Monique zei

Hihi die kroon staat Nicole errug goed! Leuke kaart Charlotte!