dinsdag, april 17, 2007


Made some cards yesterday evening. My niece delivered a baby boy on friday the 13th: Derk. I made a card for her and her husband and one for my aunt and uncle, who became grandparents.

I also made a card for Miranda, who also delivered a baby boy: Jop.

11 opmerkingen:

Eminepala zei

The cards are really cute charlotte... They will be very happy with it ;)

Serai Meulen zei

wat een leuke kaarten!!!!

Daffie Online zei

super schatje :-)

Anoniem zei

Wat een schattige kaartjes, Charlotte!!!

D@nielle zei

supercute & stamps on the cards are really sweet !

*Fauve* zei

Super kaartjes!!

Marga zei

fantastic!!! I love the stamps at your cards!!!

Mirjam zei

Super sweet!! Love them!

Angelique zei

Superleuke kaarten !!!

Ingrid zei

What a cute cards, Charlotte. Always nice to receive such a personal card.

mirandaf zei

Nogmaals heel erg gaaf gedaan zeg!!!! Je maakt echt super mooie kaarten, idd de stempels zijn geweldig!