zaterdag, december 15, 2007

Finally finished my Christmas cards!

Glad to be done with that, to be honest. I can't wait to make some regular Birthdaycards or so, hehehe... I made four cards with one of the latest lines by K&Company: Charlotte. Isn't that awesome? It is the second scrapbook line with my name on it (Scenic Route had a Charlotte line also). :) I also used some Bella Baubles on those cards, I think they look super, just like waterdrops!

This one is made of a transparancy. Too bad the scan doesn't show it that good...

This one is with a Magnolia stamp:

These ones are with Hanglar stamps:

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Marga zei

woohhhhhhhhhhhhh, these are cute!!!
I'm still not ready with my christmas cards :(
( a little secret: I'm in love with my Sugar Nellies and cannot stop coloring them......)

Birgit zei

They are realy cute! Love those drops, the look great!

All Pink girl zei

OOOOh gorgeous and very cute ,love them Dawnx

Nikki zei

I love those Hanglar stamps, such a shame they don't ship to the UK....gorgeous cards.

Wilma zei

Ze zijn echt superschattig Charlotte! Als je zo 1 in je brievenbus krijgt wordt je heel blij!

Cheryl zei

Hi Charlotte, I'm one of your SBS5 sisters. Your cards are lovely, I can't wait to se more!

Anoniem zei

Wow, these are so nice. Very unique and the recipients will adore them. Great job.
SBS-5 Bela

marlies zei

ze zijn weer helemaal super Charlotte !

Ana Baird zei

They're cute and fab! Love them!

~Nancy~ zei

Oowww.. they are sooo sooo cute girlie! Congrats on finishing them on time! I really had planned to make ALL my Xmas cards myself this year. but I ended up with buying 2 boxes yesterday... Your cards are awesome! I bet the receivers will be so happy with them! XOXO

NancyK zei

Charlotte - these are just adorable!! I took an "up close" look at them and I love the detail that you put in.

LaY hOoN zei

it such a cute cards you created here

SbS5 sister

the dreamer zei

Hi, Charlotte! Wow, those cards just look wonderful!

And I bet the transparency one looks wonderful in real life. Aren't transparencies just delish? They are my most favorite things now.

Question: how do you color your stamped images? You did an awesome job. =)

SBS5 sister

"Jany" zei

Great cards! They look lovely! Wish mine were as delicate!

SBS-5 sis

D@nielle zei

really cool and good for you getting them done too ... With pain in my heart I have to say I didn't make my xmas cards this year .... I didn't start on time :(

Arwen zei

Very very cute - your coloration is great =)

khepworth zei

Cute cards! Wish I had mine finished.


Anoniem zei

Love the stamps and the cards - vey nice card designs too. SBS 5 sister...

*fauve* zei

Hey cutie,thanks for your sweet xmas card!! 1 is coming your way SOON!

Mandy zei

You are a hero in my book for creating so many wonderful Xmas cards!! Had a bit of catching up to do and love what i found on your blog! Your xms tree looks beautiful too!

Je@net zei

What a great cards Charlotte!!

Belas Creating Place zei

Wow Charlotte, these are wonderful. So unique. Great colouring too.
Take care,Bela


wowowow, all are beautiful!!! I like colors and papers! so so cute and nice!!!!!!!!! Congrats!

Rozella zei

Ze zijn stuk voor stuk leuk. Nodige inspiratie opgedaan.. Groetjes, Rozella

Rozella zei

Ze zijn stuk voor stuk leuk. Nodige inspiratie opgedaan.. Groetjes, Rozella

Miranda zei

Oh ze zijn zo super leuk!!!!

Jamie Martin zei

Cute cards, you have really been busy!

SBS5 Sister

Janine zei

All very nicely done !!

Serai Meulen zei

wauw, ze zijn super Charlotte (dacht dat ik al een berichtje hierop geplaatst had, maar dus niet :S)
en in het echt is die eerste nog mooier!!!! :o)