dinsdag, mei 01, 2007

Happy Birthday to...

... Mirjam! Hope you'll have a wonderful day!

Also a very happy birthday to Julian, Fauve's son, who becomes 2 today!

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Ingrid zei

Wat een schattig kaartje. En bedankt voor je lieve commentaar op m'n miniboekje. :-)

Daffie Online zei


Marga zei

superleuk kaartje zo!!!

dawn zei

a very happy birthday to you both :D Hope you have a great day too Charlotte :D

*fauve* zei

Great cards,love the stamps :D
And thanks for the congratulations,only 4 days untill your Julian get's 2!!

Mirjam zei

Thank you for this super cute card! It arrived this afternoon!

Mandy zei

SUCH a sweet card, LOVE that stamp!

wendy zei

lief kaartje erg leuk

margot zei

superleuk kaartje!