zaterdag, juni 23, 2007

Busy, busy, busy!

Boy, it's really a very very busy time here. We're almost at the end of the schoolyear and that means a lot of things to finish and ofcourse a LOT of meetings... :S Didn't do a lot of scrapping the last couple of weeks. But I will make it up when I'm free (7 weeks of vacation... did you hear me complaining? hehehe).

Today we had a special day at Julian's daycare. It was all about the Circus today. So I tried to give my little boy a clownsface. Very difficult to keep him from rubbing his nose/mouth/cheeks LOL. But he looked soooo cute! Here are a few shots of my little Bumba:

And here's a little sneak, can't show the whole project yet. But as soon as I can show it to you, I will post it here on my blog!

Have a very nice weekend!

7 opmerkingen:

Ingrid zei

I love the photos of Julian. He is so CUTE! That sneak peek looks very good. Hope you will be able to share it soon.

Miranda zei

What a cutie pie. He's a sweet little clown.

And I love the sneak!!

Je@net zei

Love the sneak!! Makes me curious!

And what a cute little clown!!

Daffie Online zei

How cute :-)

D@nielle zei

He looks cute ! Love the pink on your project ...

Mirandaf zei

Geweldige foto's!!! Poepie!
En wat een heerlijke roze sneak! Succes de laatste zware dagen!

*fauve* zei

ahhhhhhhh the cute thing!