vrijdag, juni 08, 2007

Dreamer and some sneaks

Finally did some scrapping last week. I finished my MLS June challenge, but I can't show you that one until the end of June...
But I scrapped something for myself too, sometimes it feels like I can't do anything for myself, but only for an assignment... so I really enjoyed making this layout. I love the picture of Julian. He looks a lot like my dad when he has a 'thinking' face like that! I made the lo with the new Crate Paper Samantha line and with an old sheet of Crate (the background).

And finally, I will leave you with some sneak peaks of my layouts in the new issue of Scrap! magazine... It will probably be in store today, so go check it out. I also made an incredible mini-album, but I won't show some sneaks of that, but it will reveal too much. I will publish my assignments as soon as Scrap! is available in all stores! Have a good weekend!

12 opmerkingen:

wendy zei

wat een super mooie lo! en je werk voor in de scrap is ook erg mooi heb t al mogen bewonderen en ga nu de scrap kopen kijken hoe mooi het erin staat.

*Fauve* zei

Beautiful layout,such an adorable picture.Can´t wait to see your work for the Scrap magazine!

Marga zei

Jaaaaaaaaaa, maak het nog even spannender!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Ga morgen snel kijken als ik boodschappen ga doen. De sneaks zijn super!!!

Je@net zei

Wat een gave LO joh!!!
En de sneaks zien er ook weer errug super uit!! Straks ff gaan kijken of tie hier ook al in de winkel ligt!

Daffie Online zei

Julian is een snoepie!

mirandaf zei

Ik ben nu echt heel erg benieuwd!!!

Mandy zei

The whole page has a dreamy feel to it, so sweet! Can't wait to see what you made for Scrap! My ehm.. entry will be in the sept-issue, so i have to be a little patient LOL

Ingrid zei

Wat een prachtige LO. Ik vind die dromerige blikken ook zo geweldig. Zo heerlijk in hun eigen wereldje. De sneaks zien er goed uit. Ben heel benieuwd naar het geheel.

dawn zei

morning hun ... gorgeous LO - I love to scrap for just me too - good for you... have a wonderful week

D@nielle zei

looking good C. and yes I hardly scrap for myself too, too many obligations but hey the summer is coming so we will have tons of time on our hands !

Bianca zei

I love this one, also the photo!!!!
and I scrap only for myself and I really love it..hihihii
hugs Bianca

Mandy zei

Second post LOL, saw the mag Charlotte, love your work and especially that mini-album! Bring it along next time, would love to see it 'live'!!